You Asked for It

Our friends are always saying we should start a blog about our life. Why? Why the fuck not, right?

If you were a fan of Seinfeld, you’ll frigging love this blog. It’s about nothing. We’re not training for a marathon. (I laughed a little just typing that.) We’re not checking shit off a bucket list. (We’re gonna live forever, bitches!) Nobody’s doing anything so altruistic that you’ll want to give $. (But if you have extra lying around…) Seriously, we’re just living our fabulous, crazy life.

You won’t find anything inspiring here. But you will laugh. You will shake your head in disbelief. You will find yourself saying, “No one is as adorable as Danger Puppy, except maybe Chaos Boy.” You may cry because you realize how boring you are compared to us. That’s okay. Just try harder to suck less.


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