Dolla’ Dolla’ Bill, Y’all

Our ginger friend (yes, some gingers have friends), Sir Cheeto the Wise, said last night via Facebook that he was longing to hear of our latest adventures. And we’d love to tell Sir Cheeto and the rest of you all about them…if only there had been any adventures in the past week. You see, Chaos Boy has an alter ego: Doctor Boy. And Doctor Boy has a j-o-b. He’s forced take off his super duper One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish pajamas and put on grown up clothes (he does at least wear colorful shirts) and go to work where he waves his magic engineering wand (not that one!) and get shit done. He’s gotta hustle that stack money. Which is good because Danger Puppy loves money. And kittens. And long walks on the beach.

Chaos Boy did have a solo adventure (again, not that kind) Sunday night involving a Car-Supposed-2-Go. Maybe if enough people are interested (hint: leave a comment!) he’ll share the tale that led Danger Puppy to say, “Thank God you’re pretty.”


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