Ninja Level Fail? More like God Mode!

Chaos Boy reporting from a remote secret location…

A few days ago, Danger Puppy posted about my epic fail while birthday shopping. It’s true that I purchased a Dooney and Bourke bag to add to her growing collection (she isn’t quite the Imelda Marcos of Dooney, but she’s working on it). I was careful enough to have it shipped to my lair so she wouldn’t see it and everything. As soon as I clicked “Complete Order” I realized that my D&B account is linked to HER email. She got the email confirmation.


Oh well, one more gifting surprise ruined (as she noted, I had done the exact same thing last year for Christmas).

Or, was it?

What she didn’t know was that the week before, I had also purchased a purple iPod Nano to go with it. She had been ogling my iPod ever since I got it and I figured she would want one. My AppleID is NOT linked to her email. MUAHAHAHAHA!   :{D

I allowed Danger Puppy to wallow in her super smartitude calling me the unstealthiest ninja ever.

When she opened her bag and saw the iPod slipped in the inside pocket of it, she squealed with delight!

That’s right, bitches. I am the Sensei (which is Japanese for HMFWAIC) of the Elite Diversionary Tactics Squad of Super Ninjas.  You may THINK you see me coming, but you’d better check your six!

God Mode activated


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