Throwing You a Bone

Not a lot of anything worth talking about has been happening around Danger-Chaos Central. In fact, we can pretty much summarize the week with only a few words from Danger Puppy:

Wah! Wah! Why me! Oh, my back! Oh, my hip! Oh, my knee!

<Ibuprofen. Heating pad. Ice Pack. Repeat.>

Wah! Wah! <Dun. Dun. Dun. Cue Jaws theme.> Shark week? Seriously? Chaos Boy, you have my permission to get a hooker!

Fear not. Danger Puppy is on the mend. Many thanks to Sir Cheeto and Lil Broffalo who brought over BevMo gift cards yesterday for Danger Puppy’s birthday. A little wine never hurt a Puppy. (Legal Disclaimer: That’s Puppy with a capital P. Not a lowercase one. Don’t get it twisted, and DO NOT give wine to a canine! What are you? A dumbass?)

Since we have nothing exciting to share, please direct your attention to this adorable puppy. Make it rain, y’all!



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