Paranoia Will Destroy Ya…Or Will It?

Danger Puppy here. I just started writing a post about my being diagnosed (by myself) as a sociopup. It was all about how my my lack of conscience is tempered by my fear of prison. In writing about that I discovered something about myself: I am extremely paranoid. So I was all erase, erase, erase.

That leads me to something that has come up again and again at our house in recent months regarding what the media deems newsworthy. Whether you’re someone well known (I’m looking at you, Paula Deen!) or a nobody, I don’t really care what your beliefs are or where you’re dipping your wick. What I care about is that you were stupid enough to actually tell/show the world. Keep your skeletons in your closet and your dick in your pants (I’m looking at you–without really wanting to–Anthony Wiener!). And for God’s sake, never take a picture you wouldn’t want your grandma to see. Feel free to be a dumbass in the privacy of your home where your bullshit is only inflicted upon your like-minded family. 

In the spirit of my own advice, I will not discuss Chaos Boy’s schmex schmife and how much I’l like to redrum that beezatch. See, people. A little restraint.


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