Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer’s Eve?

Let’s see if any of you are a little more on the ball than I was last night…

I was super tired from being awesome all day (if “awesome” is a synonym for “hungover”). When we were ready to head up to bed, Chaos Boy stood in front of me and pulled me up off of the couch (because he is a freaking hero). Once I was up, I was a little wobbly. While keeping hold of both of my hands to steady me, CB walked all the way around the coffee table so that he could lead me through The Lair and up the stair. (Okay. There are multiple stairs, but I was enjoying my little rhyme.) This led to…

DP: Damn! That was magical. I mean. Some straight up David Copperfield shit.

CB: <laughing> David Copperfield? Do you smell vinegar?

Get it? Because I didn’t. I’m gonna blame that on my pickled liver.


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