He’s The Doctor!

Chaos Boy is kind of a big deal. There could seriously be an old-school infomercial about him:

“He’s a CTO! He’s a professor! He’s an author! He’s an editor! He speaks at conferences! And for just 36,245,361,402 easy payments of $99.95 you can apply to have a Chaos Boy of your own. Hurry! Supplies are limited. (Shipping and handling charged separately.)”

This weekend he’s been busy running with the big dogs. On Saturday he spoke at a Symposium, which seriously confused me because I always thought “symposium” was Greek for “I’ll do anything to miss a day of work, even eat a box lunch and sit through boring panel discussions.” That definition seems to imply a weekday activity. But I digress. At the symposium he met a lot of CTOs (not to be confused with “Cheetos,” neither the snack nor our ginger friend) who invited him to attend a meeting tonight (Sunday here in SoCal). Of course he went because that’s what Chaos Boy does: he’s always got his hustle on.

A lot of spouses would complain. Those people are idiots. Here’s the 411 on Chaos Boy busting his ass nights and weekends:

1) He has dreams, goals, aspirations, whatever you want to call them. The man has a plan. As his partner (in life & in crime) it’s my #1 job to support him in everything he does and help him get to where he wants to be.

B) All of this work means that he’s gainfully employed. I think we all know the value of that in this day and age.

3) He’s worked too hard to achieve all that he has (He’s actually Dr. Chaos Boy, but we like to keep it informal here.) for me to be anything less than his rock, his best pup, his go-to girl.

D) When he’s gone I can eat M&M’s and watch Bones

That’s right, class: everybody wins!


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