Spectacular! Spectacular!

CB Here in for DP today.
First of all, I realize I am late. Minus ten points for Gryffindor. Fortunately, Harry and his buddies will find a spectacular way to tear the House Cup from the claws of Slytherin at the end of the term.
Which brings me to a thought: Why is it we are overwhelmed or underwhelmed, but never whelmed?
Why is it we have to be the best at everything – even disappointment? Meeting expectations is perfectly fine and is the standard for success. If we are always overachieving, then overachievement gets reduced to mere achievement. If you make a metric butt-ton of money for your company, your boss has higher expectations of you than of others, but is your performance really overwhelming, or is it simply expected?
Everyone wants to get Exceptional on their performance record, but if you always get Exceptional, then that really is just Average. Average is OK. Average is fine. Exceptional is the 4’11” homunculus you dated that one semester in college because you thought it made you edgy.
C’s get degrees, people.

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