A Chat Between Friends

Last night, while Chaos Boy was supposed to be teaching, I sent him a horrifying image that I found on 9gag, my favorite site for silly gifs and random humor. The brief exchange that resulted made me wonder whether other couples communicate in pop culture references the way we do. Feel free (read as “I command you!”) to comment and let us know.

<Conversation after seeing the pic that I’ll be kind enough not to show you. Trust me. Your retinas want to thank me.>

Chaos Boy:

I’m speechless

No wait. I found it!
Danger Puppy:
Fuck! You crack me up!
Shouldn’t you be professing?
My faith?
I think the whole faith thing would be frowned upon.
My love for a puppy?
Love for a puppy is a yes.
Don’t you have any students?
We’re on a break. It doesn’t count.
No we’re not! There was no break!
I’m your lobster.
And I’m yours. 🙂

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