The toughest white guy in Brisbane.

This would quite possibly be me. If I were Australian. And a guy.


Been listenin’ to a bit of rap music lately. You don’t know the half of the crazy stuff that goes through my brain when I’m rappin’ out to rap music. Check it. Here’s three everyday anecdotes demonstrating how nuts I can get.

WARNING: Some themes may offend.


Situation: On the train. Quiet carriage. Music might almost be loud enough for fellow commuters to hear. I probably have sunnies on.

What rap Vidins is saying and doing inside: I dare you to sit next to me, you fare-paying fellow commuter. Don’t make me move closer to the window. I’m listnin’ to rap music. I totes give the fat businessman the ‘don’t sit next to me look’. I imagine I’m packin’ heat. I could do something crazy.

What Vidins actually does: I smile politely with my bag on my lap, smile as the overweight business man sits next to me and probably…

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