Pup To No Good

So I was sitting at the dining table cutting out a pattern (yes, I sew…ish) when I got a text message from a wrong number. The naughty puppy in me just couldn’t resist…

Texter: Where you guys at?

Danger Puppy: Cici’s house. U comin?

T: Im at your house

DP: Well we @ Cici’s

T: Who is Cici?

DP: My mama’s cousin. You comin? 5801 University

<That’s the address of Cici’s Pizza. Because I’m hilarious and a planner.>

T: Your son’s here. Cruzi just opened up the house. Angelina says shes walking back from doing laundry so i guess i will wait here.

<Being the good pup that I am and not wanting to get some poor guy in trouble…>

DP: I ain’t got no kid. Who is this? DeShawn?

T: Then i have you in as the wrong contact. This is melissa. Whos this?

DP: This is Lamont. I don’t know you girl. Peace.

<Yes. I said “Lamont.” That’s my standard dude alias. What’s yours?>


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