For The Sake Of NaBloPoMo Only

We are early-to-bed-early-to-rise people, except on nights when Chaos Boy teaches. His classes run until 11, and I often can’t sleep because he’s not here. Nobody’s happy the next morning. As last night was a class night, you’d not be surprised to know that we’re exhausted tonight, but we’re even more tired than usual. 

I did manage to fall asleep at 9 only to be awakened at 10:30 by someone yelling outside. The crux of it was that someone was where they didn’t fucking belong and that fucking Andrew (whoever that is) was going to fucking beat their fucking asses and that someone needed to call the fucking cops. He was so loud I thought he was right outside our gate. It turned out that he was across the water and probably 100 yards away. When we discovered that, Winky and I went out back to have a listen. We giggled a lot and then went back to bed.

Chaos Boy didn’t get in bed until 1 AM. I’m sure waking up at 5:30 was a real treat. Apparently the 4.5 hours of sleep he did get weren’t very good ones as he dreamed of grading papers all night. He was so tired he forgot to take his phone when he left this morning. Thankfully for him he got to have a nice long lunch with me and my lil bro before heading off for some mandatory work related “fun.” He was so tired after the party that he forgot to put his “bus pants” on over his trousers for the scooter ride home. Naturally he had to stop for gas and spilled some on his hands…and trousers. Yeah. It’s not his day.

You can bet we’ll be heading up to bed early. I just hope there’s no more dramacation. (That’s my word, but I’ll let you use it if you’re nice.)

I get this wasn’t funny. Sometimes we’re not. It can’t all be shits and giggles.


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