Want Some Jerky?

Chaos Boy volunteered to write today’s blog. Unless you think he’s a total douchbag who speaks of himself in the third person (He’s more apt to use the royal “we.”), you’ve realized you’re hearing from Danger Puppy instead. That’s because CB has been busy reworking a syllabus in between doing little projects for me. Soon he’ll be off to show our boat to a prospective buyer. That’s not going to leave him any time to write.

We’ve been spending our Saturdays hiking while Winky’s in Horseyland. It works out nicely since she likes to get there well before mid-morning and do work around the ranch. Her lesson is late in the day, so we have time to do a hike (yesterday was close to 6 miles), grab a late lunch, and still get there in time to watch her jump. Everybody wins!

I’ve spent most of today in my chair regretting the half of the hike that was uphill, but the view we got at the top was completely worth it. The best part of hiking with CB is that he could totally hike circles around me but doesn’t. He’s always willing to go at the pace I set. He also doesn’t do any of that condescending cheerleader crap: “Good job, Fatty! You can do it! Look at you picking up your feet and putting them down and shit!” 

What does he get for his restraint, you may ask? Well, there’s at least one perk to hiking with a fat girl: I will always have snacks.


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