Fudge & Pom-Poms

Having a solid marriage doesn’t mean that the other areas of your life are easy. It just makes them easier to handle. Chaos Boy and I are a team. When we can, we work together to tackle whatever life throws in our path. But sometimes we can’t tag team a problem. This leaves one of us the cheerleader while the other suits up. More often than not, I’m the one sporting the pom-poms.

If you’ve read many of our posts, you know that we live in California. What you may not know is that I am from the South. (If you do know me, shut up about my accent!) In the Southern homes of my generation and those that came before, food was love. Most things were made “from scratch” at our house, and I still like to cook that way most of the time. Not a shabby cook himself, Chaos Boy knows the time that goes into that type of cooking and is always appropriately dazzled by a meal that may have been an all day exercise. He gets it: food is an expression of love. It says, “I care enough about you to use my hands and my heart to craft something soul-soothingly delicious.” 

Sometimes, that’s all I can do to help Chaos Boy: make sure he has a great dinner or some special treat when he gets home. So Chaos Boy, if you’re reading this, the Butterscotch Walnut Fudge in the fridge is for you. And I love you. A bunch.


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