Thinkin’ Some Thinks

Chaos Boy says I have a bladder the size of a hamster’s. I disagree. My bladder size isn’t the problem: it’s the 9.5 lb baby I had nearly 16 years ago. Wherever the problems comes from, it definitely is a problem. (Shut up, Chris!)

I just came back from my millionth trip to the bathroom today. A funny place, the bathroom. I don’t know about you, but I do some of my best thinking in the shower. (Also, my shower singing is…well…unforgettable?) Given the mental acuity that comes from proximity to plumbing, it’s really not surprising that I thought of something hilarious just now when I was in there.

Remember when you were little and you needed a little help tidying up after you did you business? If you have children you’ve likely been lured by the dulcet tones of a child: “MOM! I’M DONE!” Or maybe it was more like this: “DAD, COME WIPE MY BUTT!” When my brother was little, he did neither. Instead, he would make motorcycle noises. He’d start out quietly, but the longer he waited for help the louder the dirtbike would get. Our parents always laughed at him, but at least he got service with a smile. Ah, boys. 🙂


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