Le Pew

Winky’s out of school this week for Thanksgiving break. Being the good House Elf that she is, she took the time today to work on a research project that’s due before Christmas. She needed to interview a photographer. We just happen to be friends with an amazing local photographer. (Seriously, check out http://www.iwannashootyourface.com people.) He spent a lot of time teaching her about equipment and techniques. I may have taught him a little something, too.

We had just finished lunch. I pulled out a pack of gum, got a piece, and offered some to Winky & Bill. Neither was interested. As I was putting the gum away Bill said, “Oh. Do I need gum?” 

Here’s where I dropped some knowledge.

I said, “No. If you needed some I would have said, ‘Here Bill, have some gum.’ If you refused it I’d have said, ‘I’m bored. Let’s go brush your teeth.'”

That’s right. Bill may have taught us how to handle a flash diffuser, but I taught Bill how to handle a friend with stank mouth.


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