Hide & Don’t Seek

I’m often curious whether others operate the way I do on Facebook. I’m not someone who has a lot of friends in life or on FB. Basically, I don’t like very many people enough to devote any energy to them. I have a whopping 43 FB friends to Chaos Boy’s 84 (31 mutual). Trust me when I say that if you’ve made the FB cut with me, I truly value you in some way. But…

I hide people from my news feed. There aren’t many. Let’s face it: there aren’t many friends to choose from. But there are a few whose drivel I just can’t abide. The fastest way to get me to hide you is to be what I consider too political. If you use your FB almost exclusively as a stump from which to shout your political agenda, you might as well be in the back of Grandma’s shed waiting for me to come find you. Never. Gonna. Happen. 

Another was to get sent into the ether is to only post a few (or fewer) times a month. You have to be bitching about something. No exceptions: you will be hidden.


Now, here’s the thing: unless you are some type of FB ninja you’ll never realize I’ve hidden you. I mean, we don’t all read everything everyone posts all the time. I’m sure I just missed that thinly veiled status that was directed at me. I’m kind of obtuse after all. 


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