Traditionally Non-Traditional

The time since Thanksgiving has been much of a muchness. We’ve had parties to attend. Outfits to sew (and alter…and fuck up…and alter again). Training to attend. Jury duty. Christmas with out kids. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind.

We bought new furniture. And new cars. And managed to score the gifts our daughters wanted most. (Our eldest who is nearly 20 told us the Naked 3 Urban Decay palette she got would make her “the coolest kid on the block”!)

We’ve had semi-traditional desserts. (Pumpkin cake totally counts!) And not even remotely traditional meals. (We love smoked bratwurst. So sue us!) We didn’t put up a tree, but we don’t even care.

When December 25th rolls around Chaos Boy and I will wake up for the first time in many, many years with no children in the house. Winky the House Elf has big travel plans, and she is the last child at home. 

So what are our plans? We have reservations for a nice dinner out on Christmas Eve. On the 25th I’ll give Chaos Boy something he’s wanted that cost me a whopping $15. (You were paying attention to the bit about furniture and cars, right?) If he can muster some trickery I’m sure he’ll get me a little something as well. We’ll drink mimosas like we always do and lounge around in our jammies until we feel like getting dressed. Because we’re fucking grown-ups, that’s why. We’ll spend the day at the movies with our eldest child provided she doesn’t have to work. Because we can. And it will be perfect.

What will we eat that day? I solemnly swear to cook nothing more complicated than a tuna salad sandwich.


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