Keepin’ It Real

Chaos Boy upon smelling a wine he’d just decanted: “Ooooo. I can tell we’re gonna like this one.”

DP: “Oh. Did you taste it?”

CB: “No, but I smelled it. I just love it when a wine smells buttery.”

DP: “Buttery? You mean like a Club Cracker? The wine smells of Keebler?”

CB: “YES!”

DP: “You’re a douche.”


Chaos Boy just went to get me a glass of the wine:

DP: “Am I gonna want cheese with the wine?”

CB: “I don’t know. Do you like fromage with your elf taint?”

Then. After he tasted the wine…

CB: “Mmmmm. Elfin magic!”

Hahahaha! I really do have the best boy in the history of everdom.


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