Do Not Try This At Home (Or At Least Don’t Tell Anyone)

Chaos Boy loves the Samsung commercial that features children recreating what they’ve seen on the Olympics in creative ways. His favorite is the kid who skis down the stairs. Inside the house. While I contend that it’s a lawsuit waiting to happy since little children usually cannot read well enough or fast enough to catch the “do not try this at home” warning in tiny type at the bottom of the screen, Chaos Boy just sees a great big pile of awesome. But the ad is nowhere near so awesome as what he just told me.

CB: When we were kids we used to tie sandwich bags to the cat’s feet, chase her down the stairs, and then watch as she skittered across the floor when she hit the linoleum.

DP: You’re kind of an asshole. I’m surprised Sarah McLachlan hasn’t written a song about you.

CB: I would never tell anyone but you about that.

DP: Well, you know I’m gonna tell the interwebz.